My youngest child and only daughter turns 15 later this week! And it’s her “golden birthday” she tells me: turning 15 on the 15th. So, I am in birthday mode. In fact, my daughter, my husband, and my father all have birthdays in March! (And my father is turning 80!) Here are some birthday rituals for Waldorf families.

Birthdays in our house bring a few rituals with them. The first is a verse that I recite to my child at breakfast. Then, I leave the card with the verse on it at his or her place at the table. I love this verse, a reminder that we each have our own star out there that feeds us.

Here are some of our birthday rituals, a birthday verse, and ideas for celebrating your children and loved ones.

Birthday Verse

Above my head, the stars do shine;
Each star is like a flame.
And one is mine, that o’er me shone
When to this earth I came.

Upon this earth, my step is firm;
The stones are ‘neath my feet.
I see the birds and beasts and flowers,
And loving people greet.

And every year, the day returns
When my star it shineth bright.
And I receive within my heart
The glory of its light.

Other Birthday Rituals for Waldorf Families

  • The birthday boy or girl gets to pick the dinner menu and the type of cake he/she wants!
  • Sometime during they day, I share the story of his or her birth.
  • And we read two other well-loved books on birthdays

On the Day You Were Born by Debra Fraser.

Birthday Rituals for Waldorf Families

And Oh, The Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss.

Birthday Rituals for Waldorf Families


What are the birthday rituals at your house?




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  1. Happy Birthday to you all. Our March is pretty busy too with celebrations; Sophia’s birthday is the 13th and mine is on the 31st. I say we just celebrate the entire month.:)

    1. Yay for Birthday mode. Our March has many family birthdays too. My oldest daughter is turning 12 on the 16th. Plus my brother, a nephew, a niece, 2 brothers in law and a sister in law. And both of my grandfathers (now resting in peace). Here’s to celebrating!

      1. Wow, your family has even more March birthdays than ours! Here’s to celebrating – I say lots of hugs, good food, and chocolate cake!

  2. Happy belated to both of you! We always put a baby picture (usually the whole first year photo album) of the birthday child out with their birthday crown and a few small presents. My favorites to read on their birthday are also On the Day You Were Born (makes me cry every time) and Today is Your Day by Dr. Seuss. Thank you for the verse!

  3. ❤️ We also let the birthday child choose their favorite dinner, cake flavor, and they don’t have to do their dinner chores of washing/drying dishes.

    I’m going to start telling my children’s birth stories (positive only).
    But my oldest 2 are my step children. I enjoy retelling them the first day we met, or a favorite first we had together.

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