The Waldorf Curriculum

Here is a simple outline of the Waldorf curriculum that you can use as you plan your homeschooling lessons. A great starting point to learn what the Waldorf curriculum can do for your child. And how each of the main subjects is brought.

The Waldorf curriculum:

  • emphasizes the whole child,
  • matches specific stages of child development,
  • integrates the arts throughout the curriculum, and
  • includes everyone of the seven multiple intelligences.
A Simple Outline of the Waldorf Curriculum
 Subject Content
 Language Artsstorytelling, recitation, speech exercises, form drawing, rhythmic walking,  literature, composition, reading, writing.
 Mathematicsquality of numbers, rhythmic counting, four operations, multiplication tables,  number patterns, money, time, measurement, fractions, decimals,  percentages, geometry.
 Scienceanimal and nature studies, gardening, cooking; earth sciences and eco-literacy  progress naturally into biology, botany, chemistry and physics in later grades.
 Social Studiescommunity awareness, geography, history that is chronological and inclusive  of the world’s great civilizations, multicultural studies, moral education.
 Foreign Languageslanguages presented orally in early years through games, poems and songs; reading, writing and grammar that build on oral work introduced in grade four.
 Musicpentatonic flute or recorder, singing, violin, orchestra,  choir.
 Artdrawing, water color painting, clay modeling, sculpture.
 Dramaplays, both puppet and staged.
 Handwork knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, sewing, crafts.
 Physical Educationfolk dancing, gymnastics, eurythmy, cooperative and traditional games.

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Below are some of my favorite books about the Waldorf curriculum.