Jean, Thank you so much for all of your resources. I’ve just written the easiest mid-year report in years (our state requires this). THANK YOU! I was sharing with my husband today how much I appreciate the thread of spirit that accompanies the resources you provide. This is what was missing before. And now I know what it feels like. Thank you again so much for sharing your gifts.~Scotty

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for what you do. Your toolkit has been so helpful to me this year. Last year, I was stressed, anxious, and confused. But now I feel confident in our homeschool journey and am really ENJOYING it this year. I’ve shared your website with every homeschooler I talk to!”  ~Brooke

Without the support of all of your services I have no idea how we would have survived our home-school year. ~Eshanne

 I could not recommend a more complete approach to Waldorf homeschool planning. ~Theresa

Everything was awesome. Thank you for all your hard work!! ~Liliana

Jean Miller has an unbelievable ability to see our work as homeschooling parents as ambitious and vital and holy, yet simple and elemental and daily. Her knowledge of the Waldorf curriculum coupled with her passion for homeschooling is a light to those of us along this path. Our consultation was validating, illuminating and inspiring. Jean Miller is fabulous. ~Sheila

It was a treat to hear Jean speak about her experiences homeschooling her kids. I learned a lot from her about resources, too. ~Kelley

Jean Miller embodies the Waldorf spirit in her philosophy of education and in her life as whole. If you choose to work with Jean in any capacity, you will come out a winner and so will your children. Her deep and soulful grasp of Waldorf pedagogy, curriculum, and of the “seven lively arts” will enhance and strengthen your home school in every way. I had the immense privilege of working alongside Jean for the past four summers at Barbara Dewey’s Taproot Teacher Training. I can reassure you that her bubbly personality and encouraging spirit will put you entirely at ease. Working with Jean is both fruitful and fun – a winning combination!!! ~Alison

Jean Miller is great. I really like her approachability. ~Melissa

I wanted to say thank you for the organization wisdom. I’m truly amazed how at ease and happier both my son and I are. ~Kristie

Jean has been a guide and companion on our journey of learning and discovery. I have been fortunate enough to work with her in so many ways through the years from assisting during our Waldorf groups, to co-teaching art and nature camps, and later developing curriculum for our co-op. Her attention to detail and planning skills are like no one I have met. Jean also brings sensitivity to each child’s needs and somehow makes you feel like you can really do it all. She has a way of not making things feel rigid and allowing for real life to effortlessly mix with the educational goals we all have for our children. Her devotion to making Waldorf work for a variety of families and her first-hand knowledge of home education have been invaluable to me and my family. I could not be more confident in recommending Jean to anyone considering Waldorf home education methods. You will not be disappointed! ~Jody

Charismatic! Jean presented material in a lighthearted, easy to understand way. ~Johanna

Very practical and inspiring. Perfect. ~Barbara

I am loving your planning eBook! It has given me the freedom to simplify; to make lessons easy and doable. I keep coming back to the idea of making lessons so simply that I can do them through anything. This never occurred to me; I had been aiming for “perfect” lessons and disappointed myself and children when I could not make that mark. Thank you for such a wonderful book. ~Sabrina