Taste of Coaching Calls with Jean

I offer group Coaching Calls inside my Homeschool with Waldorf mentorship community.

And here’s one of the questions that I’m asked most often about the community:

What are the Coaching Calls like?

Come see for yourself!

On Wednesday, Jan 30, I’ll be going LIVE for a 30-minute Taste of a Coaching Call with Jean over on my Art of Homeschooling page.

Have a question about Waldorf homeschooling that you’d like me to answer?

Send it my way! And I’ll answer it on Wednesday.

Ask me anything about Waldorf homeschooling. ? Just send me your questions via the form below.

Then come join me on January 30th at 3:30 EST right here: the Art of Homeschooling Facebook page.

This is a free experience! Anyone can tune in. 

Questions for Jean about Waldorf Homeschooling
Please put “Coaching Call” in the Subject Line.
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