What to Do When All Seems Lost!

One of the very best things you can do for yourself is to make a list of this kind that includes ideas you would enjoy doing on those homeschooling challenging days. Your very own “What To Do When All Seems Lost in Homeschooling” list. For those days when you consider putting all of your children in school. Tomorrow.

Keep the list posted on the inside of a kitchen cabinet or somewhere you might see it when you are feeling particularly frustrated. Below are some things that have worked well in our family.

What To Do When All Seems Lost In Homeschooling

What To Do When All Seems Lost in Homeschooling

  • Go outside – go for a walk or sit in the yard and notice the birds or rain or plants…
  • If you want a change of scenery, go to a park or the woods.
  • Let go of plans and know that you can always come back to them and try again another day.
  • Recite a prayer over your children.
  • Remember what’s important: a connection with our child(ren) is more important than accomplishing a particular task.
  • Snuggle with pets.
  • Go sit and meditate (have a “Mommy’s Quiet Time Chair”).
  • Don’t try to figure it out right now; things might look different later or tomorrow.
  • Move your body! That’s right, even just 10 minutes of movement can improve your mood. (I have a post-it note up on my wall that reads, “Move, Move, Move for your best self.”)
  • Read aloud a book you love, all piled on the couch for “couch time.”
  • Put on a puppet show or act out a story; rehearse it and then perform it for the family at dinner.
  • Look through old photographs and tell family stories.
  • Ask for help from the spiritual world before bed (help is available, we need only ask).
  • Call a friend.
  • Make a cup of “tension tamer” tea from Celestial Seasonings!
  • Plan a “one week off” block suitable for all ages on a topic of interest to all, such as snow or cooking around the world or trees.
  • Work on establishing a good rhythm; put into place a simple plan for chores and meals.

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