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Welcome to the Art of Homeschooling Podcast where we help parents cultivate creativity and connection at home. Look for a new episode every Wednesday.


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“Listening to Jean is like reading a really good book that only has the parts worth reading highlighted!”   ~Elizabeth

About the Podcast

The Art of Homeschooling Podcast is for parents who are ready to shine in homeschooling. In each episode, we share stories and strategies so you can drop the overwhelm and get in touch with inspiration. You CAN create a homeschool life you love. 

I’m your host, Jean Miller, homeschooling mother of three now-grown children. And here at the Art of Homeschooling, we keep it sweet and simple so you can focus on cultivating creativity and connection at home.

Show Notes

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Planning Your Own Homeschool Main Lesson Blocks
Episode 191 Hello my friend! On the podcast today, I want to share with you my process for planning your own homeschool main lesson blocks. I’m currently planning workshops for the upcoming in-person Taproot Teacher Training where participants get to experience lessons as if they were the students. So I ... Read More
Affirmations for the Homeschooling Parent
Episode 190 As parents, we often find ourselves second-guessing our choices or wading through overwhelm, when what we really need is to shore up our resolve, gather resources that will support us, and tap into our deepest trust. So today on the podcast, I'll share some uplifting, inspiring affirmations for the ... Read More
Create Your Vision First
Episode 189 Hello, homeschooling friend, and welcome to this episode of the Art of Homeschooling podcast all about YOU, and how to make homeschooling work for your family. I’m calling this Create Your Own Vision First. We all have a tendency to start homeschool planning in the wrong place.😲 I ... Read More