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Stories Work Like Magic In many hands-on homeschooling approaches, stories form the foundation of the lessons. Stories can work like magic! They connect us, person to person, and heart to heart. The shortest distance between a human being and the truth is a story. ~Anthony De Mello Stories can: illustrate ... Read More
Dear Overwhelmed Homeschool Parent Dear Overwhelmed Homeschool Parent, Please know that you are not alone! Overwhelm can strike at any time. And all homeschoolers experience this. In this episode, I want to offer you a bit of encouragement, some helpful tips, and a few resources to lift your up. So ... Read More
Looking Inward with My Friend, Eshanne You are going to love this episode of the Art of Homeschooling Podcast! Today's conversation is about looking inward, with my friend Eshanne as my special guest. Eshanne offers the most beautiful, poignant insights about inner work ~ that illusive practice of taking time ... Read More

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About the Podcast

The Art of Homeschooling Podcast is for parents who are ready to shine in homeschooling. In each new episode, we share stories and strategies so you can drop the overwhelm and get in touch with inspiration. You CAN create a homeschool life you love. 

I’m your host, Jean Miller, homeschooling mother of three now-grown children. And here at the Art of Homeschooling, we keep it sweet and simple so you can focus on cultivating inspiration in your home.