Homeschooling with Main Lesson Blocks

In this series, 5 Days to Homeschooling with Main Lesson Blocks, we’ll explore: What is a main lesson block? Why does main lesson block learning work? What are the essential elements? How do you plan in main lesson blocks? And how do you record the learning in main lesson books?

I’m Jean, and I’m here to offer you support plus help you overcome the overwhelm. My mission is to empower and inspire you to create your own unique homeschooling plan that’s just right for you and your family.

5 Days to Homeschooling with Main Lesson Blocks

Day One: What is a Main Lesson Block?

Day Two: Why Does Main Lesson Block Learning Work?

Day Three: The Essential Elements of a Main Lesson Block

Day Four: How to Plan a Main Lesson Block

Day Five: Recording the Learning in a Main Lesson Book

You can homeschool with Waldorf main lesson blocks! There is so much to explore here at Art of Homeschooling that can help.

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