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Holistic Homeschooling

Start with Rhythm

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Support for Holistic Homeschooling

These free articles & resources will help you better understand how to bring hands-on, holistic homeschooling to life at your house.

Just Getting Started with Homeschooling?  

Five Things to Consider as You Start Homeschooling

50+ Resources for Hands-On Homeschooling

Waldorf Block Rotation, Grades 1-8

5 Days to Homeschooling with Main Lesson Blocks

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Looking for Gift Ideas for the Holistic Homeschooling Journey?

As holistic homeschoolers, we’re intentional about what we bring into our homes. I’ve created Gift Guides & Book Lists for Simple Natural Families just for you. So that you have ideas for your own children, friends, and yourself! Plus have a place to send grandparents or other family members looking for gifts for your kids.

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I love helping homeschoolers customize and make this journey work for you and your children. That’s my mission.

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